Marjolein Wortmann

Aprons and djelabas transformed into new designs


Aprons and djelabas transformed into new designs In the project La Mamma the Mediterranean mother is the central figure, appearing as an apron( Christian countries) or as a djelaba (Arabic countries). A basic aspect of the exploration derives from the modifications of a large number of original aprons and djelabas leading to new designs. Mixed media, 2010-2013

Fur Apron with Rabbit (during performance Galerie LWW Amsterdam 2010)

Party Apron (during performance, Galerie LWW Amsterdam 2010)

Apron Lady Paradise

Apron with Decolleté Hands Off

Red Sexy Apron with jacket

Lonsdale Apron

Apron Evviva Wonderteam

Apron Jesus with sunglasses

Apron Lady Gaga

Apron with phone and remote control

Mimetic Apron

Playboy Apron

Sacred Heart Apron

Tracksuit Apron

Trinacria Apron